The App-Enabled Robotic Ball

It’s a game of today’s generation, a robotic ball, a smart toy now faster and bigger. Configurable with Apple  (IOS) and Androi [...]

Windproof Tesla Coil Lighter with USB charging, No gas required.

Unique windproof Tesla coil lighter, requires no butane, generates no flame. This lighter works on the principle of tesla coil where it cr [...]

Crystal Drops Water Shape Mini Weather Forecaster

    Certainly, One should not think it as a creepiest gift idea out of witchcraft books, but this mini weather forecaster works in [...]

Landroid Fully Automatic Robotic lawn mower –

Those days are gone, when we have to take extra time out of our holiday to mow the lawn. We can always do some productive work, saving that [...]

Smart LED embedded jumping rope

Well & truly a kickass gifting idea for Fitness freaks or the people you want to burn calories. A high tech LED embedded jump rope, whi [...]

Gesture Control Armband for any Androids, IOS, Window devices.

Truly uncommon gift, Capable of becoming the most Incredible Controller gadget of this century. Compatible with the VR headset and Copter [...]
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